Monday, 7 March 2011

A revelation?

"Where is there dignity, unless there is honesty?" Cicero

Existing in a state of disbelief,
Ignoring the truths that lie before us,
we chose to live in a way we think is best,
and fill our minds with dreams of ourselves.
We are selfish by nature,
a trait we condone,

but do not admit to.

We fly by our own wings, yes,
but we are taught how to fly.
We credit ourselves for the heights that we soar,
yet if we fall, we are the first to turn to our teacher.

Our happiness will only come through the departure of our selfishness,
the disappearance of our vanity,
and faith and pride in others.

Only then will we realise how much we have grown.

Only then will it be possible to be completely content.

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