Friday, 5 November 2010

Notebook me

It gets me everytime,
the beauty of the relationship,
the happiness,
the true love and compassion

....and the fact that she forgets.

The reassuring fact that love will find us all, that we will one day be reunited with that long lost love, that person. 'The One'. The fact is torn from us. We forget, one day , we will forget it all, like it never happened, it never existed. And we have to go through our lives, every so often being reminded of this fact, the fact that, will all be for nothing. One day everything we have done will cease to exist. That day, the day we forget, is the end.....of everything.

It makes me think of my family, my grandparents. If I could go back in time, I would show them that it wasn't for nothing and, whatever happened, they ended up together. I want them to see me and smile, and know it all happened for a reason.

When I am old, and I forget, I want someone to remind me. Not anyone, I want 'that someone' to sit beside me and hold my hand, and make me remember, and smile, and laugh. Because then I will know it was worth it, and I can look back with no regret.

I want to feel the happiness well up inside me, I want to do something worthwhile, I want to be remembered....and be worth remembering.

It kind of puts it all in perspective doesn't it?

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

You have: One New message.

I love hearing from you
it makes my day
only a few sentences exchanged
a few smiles at a keyboard as I reply
nothing more.

Are you smiling as you type?
laughing at my stressy replies
my funny outlooks...
or are you just replying
not paying attention
Im a non-event in your day.

I don't know.

I care, I want to know more,
I want you to tell me all about you.

I think Im too open...
maybe its off-putting, maybe its too much.
Why keep things from people you trust
from people you want to become fixtures in your life?

I want you to become a fixture,
a constant,
a rock.

Don't be a stranger,

Maybe in our busy lives we can find time to talk again.
I look forward to it.
And I will smile when it does.