Saturday, 19 February 2011

Pot Black

Thats the aim of the game.

but if you get there before you're supposed to
...then what happens?

You don't get to play out the rest of the game.
Its game over.

For everyone.

You could play the game out,
but you, and your compnent will know that its all for nothing.
No one is really going to win.
Not in the true sense.
Potting all those balls and losing anyway.
It seems unfair,
yet why not play on?
You might get some amazing shots
and by the end of the game that little black ball...
...and the rest of them will have been completely forgotten about
...there is a new prize.

The goals can shift.

I think we should play the game out.
I think we should find joy in playing
and forget about who wins or loses
because we will be playing together.

But it seems that I suck at pool
I can't play the game
and I can't decide if you've quit...
...or you're still playing.

Maybe we should take a walk.