Friday, 7 January 2011

Eat Me

Lust...its one of those things you can't avoid.
It's not love
love is something more, something different..
I think...
I don't know what love is

...not really.

Lust however...
thats another thing.
and its worse, worse than love
I guess its sometimes the same as unrequited love
the worst love of them all.

I always imagine my lust will turn into love
but it worries me that then it will just be...
...unrequited love.
I'll end up wanting you so much, that I'll feel like I need you
and then I'll think that I'm in love with you...
but for you, it will just be lust
and that feeling will pass, like a flurry of snow.
and its beautiful while it lasts,
but then it melts, and you're left with the dirty remains,
in small piles,
across the vast space in your mind,

...and it refuses to go away.

I am a thinker, I will not deny it.
and I think about you SO much...
and maybe, just maybe you think about me in the same way

But can we keep it up for 5 months?

I hope so.

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