Sunday, 28 February 2010


Will I get up, or dream on in my blissful sleep, filled with laughter and sunshine, as the birds fly overhead and the waves lap at the shore?
Will I text him, I dont need to, I dont want to, but should I? I feel I have to.
Will i get dresses, or will I prance around in my underwear with the curtains shut, away from the miserable world outside?
Will I eat that? Its not good for me, but it tastes soo good, it cheers me up
Will I tell her the truth, I shouldn't, well, maybe I should.
Do i like him? or do I like the concept of him, the concept of feeling loved, having someone to kiss whenever I want? The thought that he likes me, but does he like me more than I like him? Is it just convenient? Is it that fact that everone else thinks its a good idea, and I just don't know what i think? Am I being shallow? Am I being vain, fussy, selfish?

Am I looking into it all too much?

Indecision to say something...
Indecision even in what to think....


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